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Country 78rpm 10" & 12"

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Autry, Gene Here Comes Santa Claus/An Old-Fashioned Tree Buy it Now: $5.00
Autry, Gene If It Doesn't Snow on Christmas/Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer Buy it Now: $5.00
Autry, Gene You Are My Sunshine/It Makes No Difference Now Buy it Now: $5.00
Beneke, Tex and the Miller Orchestra Feudin' and Fightin'/How Can I Say I Love You Buy it Now: $5.00
Ford, Tennessee Ernie Sixteen Tons/You Don't Have to Be a Baby to Cry Buy it Now: $10.00
Hamilton, George IV Only One Love/If I Possessed a Printing Press Buy it Now: $5.00
Helms, Bobby My Special Angel/Standing at the End of My World Buy it Now: $20.00
Jackson, Bull Moose and his Buffalo Bearcats Love Me Tonight/We Can Talk Some Trash Buy it Now: $5.00
Jones, Fenton "Jonesy" The Pine Tree/Pop Goes the Weasel Buy it Now: $5.00
Paul, Les Mandolino/Whither Thou Goest Buy it Now: $5.00
Prairie Ramblers, The Old Mississippi Moon/I'll Be Back in a Year Buy it Now: $6.00
Red River Dave I'm a Convict with Old Glory in my Heart/I'd Rather Die for My Country Buy it Now: $5.00
Ritter, Tex There's A New Moon On My Shoulder / I'm Wastin' My Tears On You Buy it Now: $5.00
Rogers, Roy with Cooley's Buckle Busters Lady Round the Lady and the Gent Solo/Boy Around a Boy-Girl Around a Girl Buy it Now: $5.00
Rogers, Roy with Cooley's Buckle Busters Round the Couple and Swing When You Meet/Chase That Rabbit-Chase That Squirrel Buy it Now: $5.00
Shelton Brothers Deep Elm Boogie Woogie Blues/I Don't Want You Buy it Now: $5.00
Stockard, Ocie and his Wanderers Jitterbug Katy/Bass Man Jive Buy it Now: $5.00
Sundowners Band, The Shuffle Foot Rag/Possum Sop Buy it Now: $5.00
Tennessee Ernied and Joe "Fingers" Carr Stack-O-Lee/Tailor Made Woman Buy it Now: $5.00
Tillman, Floyd G.I. Blues/Each Night at Nine Buy it Now: $4.00

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